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Armin van Buuren @ SOS HZ

The positive energy that he brought to the world is surrendering.


Music is weightless yet it impacts us and makes us feel. It affects people from all over the world through its unique sounds in various form. In the world of music, we forget concerns from the mundane world and feel safe and belonged.

 Now let’s check out more of  this trance king’s stories! 


Many people wonder why the Netherlands is a world-famous DJ country, but when you know that Armin van Buuren was invited by the Royals to perform the Dutch King's ascension ceremony in 2013, you will no longer be surprised by this world-class phenomenon.


Trance had a great influence on the development of Dutch dance music in the early 1990s, and Armin van Buuren, who was influenced by music since childhood, began playing music from the age of 16,17. His special research and obsession with music has abandoned commercial purposes. His focus on the studio has been rumored that he has numerous loyal fans around the world.


Armin describes trance a music that’s positive, emotional and instrumental. He blends electronic music and classical instruments smoothly. At the show for new crowned Dutch king, his electronic music worked wonders with one of the very best orchestras in the world. As the flag-bearer of the electronic music, he introduces fresh sounds to the world.


Young Armin had to drive to school to record music on the radio because of the lack of music resources. The big efforts made him decide to establish his own radio station in the future. Armin started to host weekly radio show A State of Trance from 2001 and broadcasted to over 37 millions of listeners from over 84 countries on more than 100 radio stations. Last year February, he opened a new A State of Trance studio in Amsterdam broadcasting the best and newest trance music to the world, featuring weekly guest shows and fan interacting system.


Although he already cemented his unparalleled position in electronic music festival, he’s a man who never stop learning. Just like many other artists, he refuses to limit himself within a certain type of music. He keeps Armin sound yet still embracing new music. By collaborating with many artists he learns new stuff about production. Music advances itself as well as the technology. His humble personality inspires his fans and fellow artists.


At Armin’s set, it’s easy to spot fans whose eyes burst into tears. His understanding and faith in humanity influence the world. Armin who announced his newly born son to the world at a show or Armin who emerged himself in the studio making music with Hardwell, always brings positivity to this world.