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Relax the tension of the brain and cross the temperature of the tropical country


Come see who is coming this time! !

a sunny, fresh, cheerful, tender

One meter nine Belgian boy


English literal translation, everyone called him "missing frequency"


He is a good at making DEEP HOUSE

Music producer and DJ of TROPICALHOUSE

In 2017, I entered the top 100 DJ rankings for the first time and won the 26th place.


Lost Frequencies succeeded in making names in the electronic voice with two singles

Are "Are Youwith Me" of 2014 and 2015 "Reality" respectively

Friends who love Lost Frequencies should not be hard to find

Full of fresh, hearty, brisk sounds with a tropical guitar

Is the greatest attraction of his music works.


Foreign media described: LostFrequencies

Have some qualities that other producers don’t have

Not only is music talent, he is an artistic genius.

I don’t know where the humor comes from all the time.

And he himself said that he hopes the audience can be on the secluded beach.

Enjoy his music in the middle of the night


At first, in 2014, Frequencies remixed.

Singer Easton Corbin One of the songs on the album

Also known as "Are You with Me" in "All Over the Road"

However, at the time, the song was not released as a single.

Later Frequencies remixed the song and uploaded it to SoundCloud


It was at that time that one of the music labels "Armada" in Oman was a detective (A&R).

Noticed this small fresh meat with unlimited potential

And immediately signed a contract with Frequencies

Frequencies released "Are You with Me" in October 2014

The song won the second place in the 2014 Belgium Ultratop

In 2015, the single won the championship in Australia and Austria.

In Europe, Finland, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Germany, Poland,

Ireland, Switzerland, the UK, Sweden and Turkey all have top 10 results

Remix's "In andOut of Love" in 2015

Also successfully won the 31st place on the Belgian Ultratop list


On June 3, 2016, Lost Frequencies and Swedish male singer SandroCavazza

Released the single "Beautiful Life", the first single of his debut album

It is also a new milestone. Then released the well-known debut album "Less IsMore"

The song "All Or Nothing" of the debut album "Less Is More",

"What IsLove 2016" "Beautiful Life",

"Reality", "Are Youwith Me"

Let Lost Frequencies have a sharp increase in visibility and popularity.

Two music heavyweight awards at the Echo Awards and WDM Radio Awards

Frequencies are "Are You with Me" (winning) and "Himself" (finalist) respectively!


Lost frequency at world-class music festivals such as Amnesia Ibiza, EDC Mexico

Tomorrowland, Coachella, Lollapalooza, the audience are full of praise

As a special guest in early June 2017, he participated in the US tour of The Chainsmokers.

On June 20th, the special event “Less is More” was held.

From superb design to live presentation, it is very good.

What is more worth mentioning here is that he remixes one with Justin Bieber as the main character.

The song "Cold Water" by Major Lazer.

With a single click rate of 800 million, it is really amazing!


Feel the lazyness of the tropical house in this warm April

The frequency-shifted music is very comfortable even when you go to bed.

On April 12th (Thursday), I came to SOS to get tired of working on this day.

Relax the tension of the brain and cross the temperature of the tropical country