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"The most talented genius DJ" @ SOS SH


Wearing LED cool mouse headbands, leading the fans to a dance music revolution, is praised by Mixmag as "the most talented genius DJ" "Devilmad5", formerly known as JoelZimmerman's Deadmau5, is a young producer from Canada Music is often used in a variety of different House and electronic music styles, including ProgressiveHouse, ElectroHouse, and Techno. The songs created are also included in multiple compilations.

The debut album "GetScraped" was released in 2005, and has also released several albums such as "Vexillology", "RandomAlbumTitle", "TheVeldt", "4x4=12", "Strobe", etc., including "4x4=12" and "ForLackofABetterName" "It is the best in the Grammy Award for Best Electronic/Dance Album Award." In addition to his own album, Joel often works with other famous musicians.


"Strobe" was first released in 2009 with the album "ForLackofABetterName". Since the release of "Strobe", many DJs and producers have been re-created and remixed numerous times. This type of ProgressiveHouse was said to be broken at the time. The music specification on the market created a new style that belongs to Deadmau5. When it was launched, it also won the thirteenth place in the British dance music list.


Since 2008, he has won the JunoAwards "Best Dance Music of the Year" award for three consecutive Juno Awards, and has repeatedly achieved great success in DJ Magazine's "Top 100 DJ" voting activities. From 2008 to 2010, he won the first prize. 11 (highest ranking among the top scorers), sixth place and fourth place. In addition, he swept BeatportMusicAwards to become the most prized music producer/DJ in the event. In addition to his outstanding performances at the major awards ceremony, he and Kaskade's single work "MoveforMe", "IRemember" and by RobSwire Ghosts'n' Stuff, which was sung across the knife, also won the championship on the BillboardHotDanceAirplay list in the United States.


In 2009, Deadmau5 was remixed with Grammy's "Best Mixing Works" with the "The LongestRoad" remix. The topic caused by Deadmau5 has become hotter and hotter in 2010. He was not only invited to perform in the 2010 Winter Olympics, but also won the "Best Artist" and "Best American DJ" at the International Dance Music Awards IDMA. "With the "Best Electro-Sounds" three awards, and the large-scale music festivals gathered by Wanle fans, of course, Deadmau5 is also indispensable.Looking at the hood of the mouse, I know that he is very passionate about computer technology. In the early 1990s, he actively convinced the local recording studios in Canada to use computerized recording equipment and assisted many bands in recording the album. As for the music software he used, many of them were developed by his own personal, and even attracted the attention of bands such as CrystalCastles, MtleyCre and MarilynManson. However, no one has thought that this young man will become the world-famous DJ in the past four years, completely reversing the electronic music culture that only emphasized DJ's personal selection style.


When Deadmau5 was on the stage, the big LED mouse hood was always indispensable. He was more enthusiastic about using a variety of high-tech software and sound and light equipment to create a new performance style. TheGuardian once praised: "From Kraftwerk to DaftPunk, to the emergence of Deadmau5, the most spectacular visual effects in the history of electronic music!" Deadmau5 does not like others to call him a DJ, because he played during live performances. Music, mostly his own original work, said: "If everyone gathers to see the Deadmau5 show, then I hope they hear the authentic Deadmau5 music!"


Rome was not built in one day. The miracle created by Deadmau5 is no accident. He has become the main character for players to choose from in the video game [DJHero2]. MTV Music also invited Deadmau5 to attend the 2010 Music Video Awards. At the ceremony, he was asked to serve as a DJ, and the Deadmau5, which is rising step by step, is heading towards the peak of his career.