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玩出心声 揭秘魔都新地标


4000m² giant EDM Empire in Shanghai

Immersive stage design with heavily cost

Visual technology combined with trendy music

Allows you to perceive the future in all directions


From the moment you step into SOS

You've started to a magical time journey

A striking SOS LOGO above the front desk

Reminds you the door of the future world

is open, and the key is in your hand

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Among the depictions of the future world

Steel structure is combined with clear water wall

Brilliant light matrix is combined with deep shark tank

This series of interesting scene happened in SOS


Through the long winding corridor

It's the center of the universe for ravers

The 1500m² party hall is all in sight

There're strange things you've never seen

There're beautiful things you've never felt

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In the front area,150m² dance floor &

More than 80 cassettes with over 8m central bar

to satisfy every customer's needs for the Club

Whether you're a Raver,Party Animal or Business Elite

You'll never run out of homie here

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The most impressive in the whole club

It must be the largest indoor shark tank in Shanghai

In more than 10 tons of Sharkalaka

There're more than 10+ precious sharks

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For you who love adventure and novelty

It'll give you a different sense of excitement

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Space design with a sense of cyberpunk

Virtual & reality is interlaced like neon light

Giant LED screen with a high occupancy ratio

Present an excellent visual image effect

Comparable to that IMAX 3D cinema

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combine with sound,light & electricity will

bring you excellent music festival experience

Every frame,every second

It's all about strength and beauty

Not only can you hear music here

You can also see it, touch it, feel it

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Turn around, this is another world

combines with entertainment and privacy

Special House has created an excellent

Private social platform for high-end people

Exclusive restroom, personalized service

Embodies the noble symbol of status and right


This is an era that requires reimagining & redefining

But we've entered the future, In this new world

You don't have to hide yourself, get rid of the shackles

Return to purity, Return to essence




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